Sperm t-shirts, USBs & Other

Sperm t-shirts

Our unique t-shirts are made of 100% organic cotton. Available in sizes S / M / L / XL, the base colour for all the t-shirts is black – for maximum glow-in-the-dark impact!

Order your Sperm Keyring t-shirts now:
To purchase individual shirts click here. For larger orders get in touch with Mark on 01730 266554 or email us.

Sperm USBs

Sperm USB’s

Our Sperm-­shaped USB is available in a wide range of colours, so you can colour-­match your USBs to your campaign!

The flash drives can be pre-loaded with your campaign documents or a static version of your website and are available in sizes ranging from 512mb to 8Gb. You can even print your web address or campaign slogan on the Sperm USB making it a perfect promotional gift for sexual health campaigns.

To find out more, just give us a call! 01730 266554

Condom Holders

Condom Holders

Our Condom Holders are made from durable plastic and are available in White, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Black.

To personalise the condom holders for your campaign why not print your slogan on the outside – then supply them ready-­filled with the condoms that we can print to match your branding!

To find out more, just give us a call! 01730 266554