Sperm Keyrings

Sperm Keyrings


Sperm KeyringsOur Sperm Keyrings are available in small, medium and large and come in a wide range of standard colours. Sperm keyrings can Glow-­in-­the-­Dark (Green or Blue), change colour when they get warm 26/27° C  (Thermochromic Purple to Pink and Blue to Natural) or can be made to match almost any colour you want subject to minimum order quantities.

Sperm Keyring - PersonalisedThe large and medium sizes can also be personalised with an insert on the reverse side. Why not use the insert to add a web address or a campaign slogan?

Sperm Keyrings - FittingsSperm Keyrings are supplied with a choice of fittings: split rings, keyrings (keychain) or ad-­loops. Ad-­loops can also be branded with colours and information to co-­ordinate with your campaign.

Sperm Keyring - Ad Loop FobPrintable Dimensions
Label : 14.6 x 6.2mm
Ad-loop : 118 x 6mm

Available Colours

Magenta (pink) Sperm Keyring

Magenta (pink)

Lilac Sperm Keyring


Green Flip Sperm Keyring

Green Flip

Fluorescent Green Sperm Keyring

Fluorescent Green

Flame Red Sperm Keyring

Flame Red

Blue Glow-in-the-dark Sperm Keyring

Blue Glow-in-the-dark

Blue Glow-in-the-dark (Glowing Blue) Sperm Keyring

Blue Glow-in-the-dark- Glowing Blue

Blue Glitter (red, green, gold) Sperm Keyring

Blue Glitter (red, green, gold)

Clear Glitter (silver) Sperm Keyring

Clear Glitter (silver)

Fluorescent Orange Sperm Keyring

Fluorescent Orange

Fluorescent Yellow Sperm Keyring

Fluorescent Yellow

Blue Flip Sperm Keyring

Blue Flip

Pearl Flip Sperm Keyring

Pearl Flip

Thermochromic Blue to White Sperm Keyring

Thermochromic Blue to White

Thermochromic Purple to Pink Sperm Keyring

Thermochromic Purple to Pink

Green Glow in the dark Sperm Keyring

Green Glow-in-the-dark

Green Glow-in-the-dark (Glowing Green) Sperm Keyring

Green Glow-in-the-dark – Glowing Green

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